Bills Introduced in Senate to Further Erode Election Integrity

On Monday, February 18th, the Senate Elections Committee chaired by Senator Katie Sieben (D-54) will hear 3 election reform bills, all authored by Senator Kent Eken (D-04), the committee’s vice-chair.

One pertains to new financial disclosure requirements for elected officials, but the other two contain a number of further erosions to Minnesota’s already lax election system.

SF 332 will expand the use of mail-in balloting beyond the small townships of under 400 voters that are currently allowed to use that system. Voting by mail is by it’s nature, less secure than in-person voting, so efforts to expand that rarely used system will further loosen the integrity of the system.

SF 498 contains numerous changes. Many are harmless, but some items slipped in between a plethora of purely technical languages changes in the lengthy bill are cause for serious concern, such as:
•    Removing the current responsibility of the secretary of state to check the voter rolls for deceased people, making that integrity measure optional instead of mandatory.
•    Eliminating the requirement for party balance in the makeup of absentee ballot boards (the local boards responsible for accepting and rejecting absentee ballots).
•    Making reports to the legislature (and public) on absentee voting more vague.
•    Weakening the level of state oversight in the auditing of election results by county governments.
•    Reducing opportunities for citizen oversight of the voting process.

So far, neither the House nor the Senate elections committees have heard a bill that will address Minnesota’s issues with voter fraud and election integrity.

During the campaign to pass the Voter ID Amendment, opponents of the measure repeatedly said, “send it back to the legislature to get it right.” However, after several meetings of the elections committees in both the House and Senate, the only proposals so far have been policies that will further erode the integrity of our elections.

Minnesota consistently enjoys the highest voter turnout rates in the nation. We don’t have a problem with access to ballots, but making it “easier to vote,” rather than “harder to cheat” has been the legislature’s priority so far this session.


Please contact your senator and him or her that it’s time to get serious about election integrity.

One Response to Bills Introduced in Senate to Further Erode Election Integrity

  1. Pally February 18, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    People that know the difference between right and wrong can easily see where the majority democrats stand. Desperate and pathetic. They intentionally spread their diseased attitude throughout their growing constituency instead of respecting their constituency with honor and truth. They control education where they utilize time and other people’s money to teach to guilt a people of a skin color and everyone else that privilege comes in color (social engineering) disregarding the fact that individuals have their own mind and by their own personal integrity, skills and talents earn privilege wherever those qualities are privileged. Skin color irrelevant. Lets move on from sins of the past where they only exist today to stir up violence and resentment. Democrats judge by skin color not the man, implementing collective thinking to destroy all individual minds (what better place than free public government school available at birth) free thought, potential and the minds abilities one of the most important, reasoning. They’re lying to the vulnerable minds of children about the history of the pilgrims for Pete’s sake!

    This is the first time in history Minnesota has dropped to force acceptance of this unfounded conduct in the democratic party in this state! Dems go so low to lie where and when convenient for attention and a vote and they’re having a good day with absolutely no consideration to the foreseeable consequences they cause. The members of the democratic party always “hope” the majority of Minnesotans are “dummied down” enough (why not when they’re in charge of educating) to follow dems fragile disposition into government dependency and out of personal liberties. What’s the sense of democrats taking from the rich so the rest of us have to apply to government for anything democrats leaves us without? What GOOD is that?

    Like bullies, dems falsely characterize their own fellow Minnesotans the dems are suppose to serve just as well, integrity has become foreign to democrats who exploit people to avoid it. Low self esteem must be common in people who vote democrat as positive quality in dems character isn’t noticed and dignified standards aren’t recognized in their highly paid elected by fraud democrats, who want full control to the extent of making Minnesotans enemies. They leave every opportunity open to fraud because they know the dummying down is “wizening up!” Why are we putting up with this? Right and wrong doesn’t work together and democrats aren’t mature enough to be on the spot of accountability because cheaters stand ignorant with stupid answers no one challenges them enough on. Unworkable. Don’t give into democratic cowards. REVEAL THEM!!

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