About Us

Minnesota Majority was founded by Jeff Davis in 2007 to promote traditional values in state and federal public policy through grassroots activism on the part of its members. Polls have repeatedly shown that most Minnesotans embrace traditional values like limited government, lower taxes, parental rights, free markets, protecting our borders and a strong national defense. These are not Republican or Democratic values, they are American values.

The trouble is many of our elected officials from political parties are not reflecting these values in the way that they are voting on the issues. These officials are:

  • Using our own tax money against us to promote policies that run contrary to the will of the People
  • Eroding our freedoms and liberties
  • Preaching tolerance while demonstrating utter contempt for those with a viewpoint different than their own
  • Destroying our nation’s traditional values with their radical secular progressive agendas.

Putting Principles Ahead of Politics

We cannot depend upon political parties to defend our values. Their primary mission is to win elections, not shape public policy. Political parties are especially poor at policing their own members who often stray from party platforms.  Americans need to put principles ahead of politics and hold people accountable on both sides of the aisle for their votes.  Most of today’s politicians are more concerned about being “politically correct” than being principled in their position on the issues.  These politicians make public policy decisions by taking a poll rather than having the courage to make a principled case for their position.  We need elected officials who are willing to stand strong on principles and preserve the precious liberties passed onto us by prior generations of patriots.

Mission of Minnesota Majority

Minnesota Majority was founded for the purpose of:

  • EDUCATING the public on the importance of traditional values and ideas
  • EXPOSING the record of elected officials
  • BUILDING a network of grassroots supporters
  • INFLUENCING the legislative process
  • HOLDING elected officials accountable for their actions.

Through these actions, we hope to rekindle our Founding Fathers’ vision for America and restore traditional values to our public policy.

Most people are simply unaware of how their elected officials are voting on the issues. People are simply too busy raising families, running businesses and earning a living to follow what is happening in our state and federal legislatures.

Minnesota Majority keeps you informed of important public policy issues that affect you and your family, and equips you with tools that allow you to easily weigh-in on the issues with your elected officials. Our goal is to allow our members to get informed and take action in 5 minutes or less.

Make a Difference

We urge like-minded citizens of Minnesota to join us in the cause of protecting and promoting traditional values. The first step is to subscribe to receive our email Action Alerts and Updates.

There is no cost to being a member of Minnesota Majority. We desire something more valuable than your money — your time and attention. However, if you would like to help us financially, you can make an online donation or mail a check to the address in the top right column on this page. Let’s stand together to preserve our liberties, freedoms and values for future generations.

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Minnesota Majority
1730 New Brighton Blvd, PMB 233
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Note: This address is a mailbox only. Contact us for our office location and directions.

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