Tax Cut Rally Crowd

Tax Cut Rally Saturday, May 3rd!

Since 1998, the Tax Cut Rally has been an annual tradition in Minnesota and it’s grown to become the biggest annual gathering of liberty-minded fiscal conservatives in the state. This year, the mega-rally will be held on Saturday, May 3rd from 10 AM to 2:00 PM, with the main speaking program starting at high noon. […]

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Minnesota Capitol

Baby steps to Improved Election Integrity

Several election bills are moving – most have bipartisan support, but there is controversy St. Paul – Several unheralded bills that will change Minnesota’s election system in both obvious and “behind the scenes” ways have been making their way through the legislature this year. Many Minnesota voters are likely to notice some of the changes […]

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Stifling speech

All-Out Assault on Conservative Non-Profit Speech Reaches Minnesota

As we’ve learned, the IRS under the Obama Administration has been weaponized against conservative non-profits in an effort to stifle opposition speech, but that’s not the only avenue of attack. A partisan bill was introduced in the Minnesota Legislature, but ultimately defeated last year that would impose onerous new regulations on grassroots organizations like Minnesota […]

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Construction Site

Unions want State to ban Certain Independent Contractors over Potentially Trifling Issues

Many independent contractors may be prohibited from working on public projects in Minnesota if a union-backed bill passes this year. The bill (HF1984/SF1919) is termed a “Responsible Contractor” bill, and seeks to prohibit companies from working on government construction projects if they have had have had even minor, accidental or rectified violations of certain statutes […]

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Welcoming Schools Graphic from PFLAG

Anti-Bullying Bill ‘Safe?’ Check the Hidden Agenda

This top-down, statewide measure stems from political correctness — not protection… By Katherine Kersten – “Antibullying” legislation is a top priority for DFL leaders at the Capitol this year. In the last session, their bill got hung up in the Senate, and they appear determined to muscle it through this time around. Bullying is wrong. […]

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Buying votes

Vote Buying Bill Advances on Party-Line Vote from House Elections Committee

Minnesota Statutes 204C.18 and 204C.22 contain protections against vote buying fraud that have been in place in some form through court rulings and statutes as long as Minnesota has had a secret or “Australian” ballot, which was adopted statewide in 1891 with strong bipartisan support. Prior to the advent of the Australian ballot system, scholars […]

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New IRS Rules Would Stifle Conservative Speech – Public Input Needed

Time is short for the public to provide comments to the IRS regarding proposed new rules that are designed to stifle conservative non-profit groups like Minnesota Majority, Tea Party groups and countless others. Political operators in the Obama Administration are seeking to legitimize the IRS’ ongoing, illegal practice of targeting those same organizations. Last year, […]

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First page of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota

All Political Power is Inherent in the People

A relative few have probably read it, but the Minnesota Constitution was written to guarantee, as rap legend Chuck D of Public Enemy might say, “Power to the People.” Article I, Section 1 of the Minnesota Constitution makes it very clear who’s in charge. It says in part, “Government is instituted for the benefit and […]

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Met Council Logo

Government, Stay in Your Lane

By David Strom Back in 1967, the Metropolitan Council was created to solve a problem: The growing population of the Twin Cities region had a sewage problem spawned by a patchwork of sewer and septic systems, and letting the problem fester would be a significant problem for public health. The Metropolitan Council wasn’t supposed to […]

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2014 Precinct Caucuses Tuesday, February 4th

Get Involved in Your Local Precinct Caucus and Make a Difference Minnesota’s major political parties are holding precinct caucuses on Tuesday February 4th, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.  A precinct caucus is a generally small gathering of your close neighbors to exercise your rights in the American political process. Caucuses are the very first step in […]

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