Felon in handcufs

Judicial Bill Would Give Convicted Felons the Vote

Should people still serving a sentence for felony crimes be electing our judges, sheriffs, prosecutors and lawmakers? That’s what a provision of SF878 (Latz – D-46) proposes to do. The bill is a judicial omnibus bill with many other provisions, but without even going through the Senate Elections Committee, SF878 would grant voting rights to […]

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Press Release: Fighting Forced Unionization of Childcare Providers and PCAs

From Seaton, Peters, Revnew Lawfirm – Minneapolis –  In late April and May, 2015, Attorney Douglas P. Seaton, of the Minnesota law firm of Seaton, Peters & Revnew, the attorneys for personal care providers (“PCAs”) Kristina Greene, Joan Spiczka, Paula Fleming, Patrick Fleming, Cindy Lindbloom, and Maria Zimmerman (“Plaintiffs”), will file the PCAs’ briefs in […]

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Election Bills on the March

After a flurry of election-integrity-related policy changes last session, this year seemed to be off to a sleepy start in that department, but things are heating up now. Here’s an overview of some of the good, bad and ugly in election bills moving through the committee process at the state capitol: THE GOOD Provisional Ballots […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As certain activists work at destroying every American tradition and strive to undermine the People’s confidence in the United States, a lot of misinformation has been spread. History is being re-written in the schools, on TV and in social media memes. This Thanksgiving, as we enjoy the fellowship of family and give thanks for our […]

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Vote Tuesday, November 4th!

The 2014 General Election is Tuesday, November 4th. Make sure to be informed and cast your ballot. Your opinions won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t vote. Be on the lookout for suspicious activity in the polling place. Don’t vouch for strangers – vouching for a voter you don’t know is a crime. […]

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Election Integrity

Minnesota Majority and Minnesota Voters Alliance Merge Election Integrity Programs

Partnership Consolidates Resources for Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness St. Paul – Non-profit organizations Minnesota Majority and Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA) today announced they are consolidating their election integrity programs into one organization. The move, approved by the boards of both groups this week, aims to avoid duplication of effort and create greater efficiency in the […]

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Metro Transit

Free Film – Eastside vs. Gateway Corridor, Tuesday Night

Tuesday night at the Historic Mounds Theater in St. Paul, there will be a free screening of the film, Eastside vs. Gateway Corridor, followed by comments from world-renowned expert and proponent of sane transit options, Randall O’Toole. Learn about how the Gateway Corridor will impact homes and businesses in the area Sign the Petition for […]

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Make your story heard at MyHealthCareStory.com

It’s Past Time to Repeal Obamacare and MNSure

Obamacare’s rollout was disastrous, but more importantly, since its onset, it’s been hurting families and businesses and it continues to worsen. The largest health insurance provider in Minnesota’s insurance exchange is ending it’s participation in MNSure. Preferred One provides the lowest overall premiums and insures nearly 6 in 10 exchange participants. On September 16th, Preferred […]

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Get your Ballot – Absentee Voting Begins Friday, September 19th

The 2014 General Election is on Tuesday, November 4th, but absentee voting begins on Friday, September 19th. Any eligible Minnesota voter can use an absentee ballot to vote. Click here to request your absentee ballot. Learn about the Candidates Check out our Action Center to Look up and learn about the Candidates who will be […]

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Primary Election, Tuesday

The 2014 statewide Primary Election is this Tuesday, August 12th. Nominees for various offices will be chosen by the voters for the General Election coming up in November. Offices voters will chose nominees for include governor, US senator, US representatives, secretary of state, state auditor, attorney general, judges and more. Voter turnout for primary elections […]

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