Renewed Push for Felons to Govern the Law-Abiding

Should people still serving a sentence for felony crimes be electing our judges, sheriffs, prosecutors and lawmakers? That’s what the bill, SF2381 (Sieben- DFL) proposes to do. This provision was tacked onto a benign elections bill at the last minute before passing the Senate. It would grant voting rights to violent, corrupt or potentially dangerous […]

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Minnesota Voters Alliance Petitions the Supreme Court

St. Paul, Minnesota, April 26, 2016—The Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA) and its co-plaintiff, former state representative Kirk Stensrud, announced today that they will file a legal challenge against the Secretary of State and county election officials for permitting persons to vote who are known to be ineligible to vote. The Secretary of State wrongfully directs […]

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Felon in handcufs

Should Felons Govern the Law-Abiding?

Should people still serving a sentence for felony crimes be electing our judges, sheriffs, prosecutors and lawmakers? That’s what the bill, SF 355 (Champion – D – 59) proposes to do. The bill will be heard in the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee when it meets at noon on Tuesday. It would grant voting rights to […]

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Super Tuesday Precinct Caucuses Tuesday, March 1st

Minnesota’s major political parties are holding precinct caucuses on Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 PM  A precinct caucus is a generally small gathering of your close neighbors to exercise your rights in the American political process. Caucuses are the very first step in a party’s political process. Caucuses are where delegates to your party are […]

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Rep. Steve Simon (D-46B)

Secretary of State’s Address on the State of Elections

Secretary of State Steve Simon will deliver an address on the state of elections five days before precinct caucuses to discuss voter outreach efforts and tell people how they can get involved in 2016. After the Secretary’s address, there will be two brief workshops: What happens at a precinct caucus? Join representatives from the two major […]

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Vote in Municipal Elections Tuesday, November 3rd

Municipal elections impact your daily life more directly than state and federal elections, and your vote carries more weight. On Tuesday, November 3rd, there’s an important election. Did you know that? Many don’t, because it’s an odd year election. The president isn’t up for reelection, nor the Governor, nor our congressmen. The political offices that might […]

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Renewed Push to License Illegal Immigrants in Special Session

The Fight over giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants may resume in the upcoming special session. Although the 2015 session ended without the House even bringing a bill to the floor on the issue, the Minnesota Senate already passed a bill to grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens residing in the state. The issue may […]

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Memorial Day 2015

For many Americans, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer and it’s celebrated with back yard barbeques, fishing trips and beer, but Memorial Day also marks an important and somber part of our American history. Sometimes, people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day. Both holidays honor military service. Memorial Day used to be known […]

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Election Integrity

Total Victory Against Dangerous New Election Laws!

The 2015 Minnesota legislative session has concluded (unless a special session is called by the governor). There were some truly dangerous proposals for election law changes injected into several bills, including “Early Voting,” restricting public access to election data, voter registration for 16-year-olds, allowing felons to vote while still serving their sentence and there was […]

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Minnesota Capitol

Why Early Voting is a Terrible Idea for Minnesota

Take action on this issue. Democrat lawmakers like Senator Katie Sieben who are pushing early voting are touting the idea as a more cost-effective replacement for the recently-enacted no-excuse absentee voting law. It’s not so simple, however. Surely it would be more cost-effective to eliminate all security measures around our election system, but what kind […]

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